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Operation Desert Swarm


Ok so this isn't exactly a big deal to solo, especially when compared to something like Apollyon Northwest. I'm sure plenty of BLMs on every server can do this in their sleep already, but I'm going to go over it anyway. I was basically trying to go for the record when I did these. I made 3 runs total I think. The basic idea for anyone who has never attempted this solo is to use Ga3 spells followed by Sleepga. The drops sucked all 3 times I went. I think the best thing I got was an O ingot. Not all that surprising but I really needed the money.

Please note that these attempts were not recent! They were done in late August. I just needed some filler while I get some things ready for the other projects, which will hopefully be more interesting.

Basic Things You Need to Know

- 6 Platoon Scorpions
- Each has exactly 5,000 HP
- Not particularly resistant to sleep - may get a fluke resist
- Run at normal speed

This usually takes 6 Ga3 spells to complete. If you can manage to pull off an average of 1,000 damage per Ga3 then you can finish this in 5 casts. There is a video by Avesta (Remora Server, everyone knows of him) where he does this BC in 6 casts using a Vile Elixir +1 and his Manafont. Assuming you have subbed /RDM, it is possible to cast Ga3, run, and land sleepga before anything even touches you. It is not really necessary to be this precise though, since they all have relatively weak normal attacks. I've taken 4 hits between casts before and still managed to keep Stoneskin on with Phalanx.

If we do a simple calculation for damage, you will need 6 Ga3 casts costing roughly 300 MP each. That's about 1,800 MP just for the damage spells and not including sleepga and rebuffing. Obviously this is an unreachable total MP so you will almost have to use Manafont and possibly MP items unless you want to rest in the middle of the fight.

My Third Attempt - 3 Minutes 41 Seconds

These are screenshots of the actual log of the entire fight so you can kind of get a feel for it. I think I buffed after going in, which kind of wasted some time...

Um yea there's LS text in there at the end too.

I went in on Thundersday for the damage boost. I was just barely able to do this in 5 castings (I think I did something like 5,006 damage to each). I did end up using a pro-ether, which was actually completely unnecessary and a total waste - I had assumed I would need 6 casts to kill them when I only needed 5.

Special Considerations for Soloing in General

First of all, you want to make sure you can max your Stoneskin at 350 HP (ok technically it's 380 but that's very rare). For a typically BLM at 200 Enhancing skill, this means you will need exactly 114 MND after all buffs. It is definately worth carrying extra pieces of equipment just for increasing your Stoneskin. If you are curious where the numbers to max this come from, try visiting http://nullvector.com/enhancing.php. The higher damage you can absorb before actually taking damage, the better chance you will have to get your spell off instead of being interrupted. Couple this with Phalanx and it can be pretty strong, even on a BLM/RDM.

Another thing to consider is gaining as much distance as possible between the time the Ga3 hits and Sleepga to limit the amount of time the mobs will have to hit you. The simplest thing is to always make sure you are casting at maximum range Also, as most BLMs know, you can start running early when the cast is nearly off .and the spell will go off after you get a couple steps in. Using this and assuming you kept up Blink, Stoneskin, and Phalanx, you should have no issues unless you start casting sleepga too early and were interrupted.

There is an even more subtle trick to this running early method. If you switch gear and "blink" (where your toon disappears momentarily on your screen) right when the casting animation is supposed to occur, you will actually just keep on running and bypass the casting animation where you stop and cast! Generally I don't use this trick on normal situations as it's a bit of a hassle, so I don't think I used it on this. On something harder, say the NQ Behemoths on the 5th floor of Apollyon NW (which run fast as hell, hit like a ton of bricks, and triple attack), I will always abuse this trick. Combined with Herald's Gaiters, the mob cannot even get near you. For anyone who is really into soloing on BLM, I highly recommend you try this.

I hope to get some data out about our Temenos/Ultima test soon!

Pic of the Day:
Mizz, Nermal, and me in Dalma!

Drama Thread of the Day:
Old school Odin HNM LS drama - thread is called "Ultimate Gilbuyer on Odin"

Don't like the title fool you.  It starts off with some random player bashing then somehow turns into an all out war between some LSs, including mine.  This thread actually contains the only post I have ever made (and will ever make) on KI.  Good times good times.




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Nov. 24th, 2006 01:04 am (UTC)

So long ago... there I am in LS whining about a Senji...

And... wtf@your choice of threads. I hate you. -.-

Jan. 18th, 2008 02:33 am (UTC)
Kronprinz Behemoth Strategy

I would like to ask what is the most efficient and safe way to kill the Kronprinz Behemoths solo? I've done this mostly in a duo with another blm and we just nuke and alternate bind.

Solo, I haven't tried. Should I start with gravity and nuke kite or nuke then gravity?

This is the best blm guide I've read so far and thanks for all the great info^^.
Jan. 18th, 2008 08:11 am (UTC)
Re: Kronprinz Behemoth Strategy
I usually start at max range then use gravity to pull. They move incredibly fast so not use gravity to start pretty much means you'll get hit right after pull. These can be dangerous solo since your only 2 defensive enfeebles are on long recasts (gravity/bind). There are really 3 ways you'd normally die on this...

1) Gravity and Bind recasts both not up and gravity wears.
2) Fight went for too long and bind now resists and gravity eventually wears.
3) Fluke triple attack without proper buffs on.

For timing, try to avoid using Bind right when recast is up. These mobs will resist Bind (either outright or decreased duration) after the first 2 uses. I try to only use Bind twice at most per kill. Save it for emergencies such as Gravity is down w/o recast up or you are being cornered and need to escape the other way. Needing to put back buffs is another reason to use.

For kiting, the pillars can be used to trip it up and make it take a longer route to get to you. This is a huge help since if you were to nuke it from max range while it has gravity up, it ALMOST reaches melee distance if you do it perfectly. If you're new to trying this, you may find yourself getting hit after every nuke, which is really bad. You cannot rely on bind to really nuke the entire way so you have to learn how to get nukes off w/o getting hit.

Linking - These link with each other, but do not link Kaiser. So if you can isolate one, you can kite along the outer edges of the path pretty securely. Kaiser won't aggro when you're on the outer paths. If you don't want to use the pathways for fear of link/aggro, just be warned that if you choose to fight at entrance or exit, you may get cornered, which is pretty annoying.

MP Usage. You will need pretty decent nuking gear to kill it quickly. I think I generally 5 shot it with ease. If you're not Taru, consider nuking the first nuke in MP gear if you find yourself having MP issues and can't finish the mob out.

These 3 are easily the hardest part of the run. They take a bit of practice and timing to pull off consistently, but try not to blow your 2hr unless you really need it on these (unless it's the 3rd one).
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