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Enmity Table (PLD)

Job AbilityCEVELevelMPCasting
Holy Circle120500.00
Shield Bash19001500.00
Sentinel * **118003000.00
Divine Emblem ***
1 300 78 0 0.00

Cure-- C ---- C --582.00
Banish-- D ---- D --7154.00
Cure II-- C ---- C --17242.25
Cure III-- C ---- C --30462.50
Protect II18030281.25
Banish II-- D ---- D --34574.25
Shell II18040371.25
Protect III18050461.50
Raise-- NA ---- NA --5015015.00
Cure IV-- C ---- C --55882.50
Holy-- D ---- D --551000.75
Shell III18060561.50
Protect IV18070651.75
Phalanx 1 300 77 21 3.00
Shell IV 1 80 80 75 1.75
Enlight     85    

Weapon SkillCEVELevelMPCasting
Atonement ****-- D ---- D --Mythic00.00

* Sentinel - grants an enmity bonus of +100 enmity for the entire duration of the effect.  This "caps" a player's + enmity and therefore additional gear which normally grants enmity bonuses has no effect when the player is under the influence of Sentinel.  Enmity from all actions are essentially doubled. 

** Guardian (Sentinel) - Guardian is a Paladin merit trait which reduces the CE loss from damage taken while under the effect of Sentinel.  This CE loss reduction is -19% with 1 merit and increases by -19% each additional merit (to a cap of -95% CE reduction).  Guardian does not affect the VE decay rate of -60 VE per second.  See here for details regarding CE loss due to damage taken.

*** Divine Emblem - Grants a +50% increase in enmity for the next Divine spell.  This increase occurs separately from + enmity enhancements from equipment, merits, and certain statuses, and therefore stacks.  For instance, a naked PLD with +4 enmity merits using Flash with Divine Emblem would gain 180*1.04*1.5 = 280 CE.

**** Atonement - a unique weapon skill with damage modifiers solely based on a combination of TP, current CE, and current VE.  Basic player statistics play no role in the damage calculation of this weapon skill.  +/- enmity enhancements do not affect the damage; however, it will affect the enmity generated from the WS damage.  The exact formula is currently untested or incomplete.

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