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Scholar Guide (Part III)

EDIT:  Parts of this post are slightly misleading due to information learned after it was posted.  The cap of - enmity from merits and equipment is -50; however, the post suggests a build with -60.  The ideas of the post are still valid in my opinion, but it should be noted that stacking - enmity past -50 is pointless.


In the previous Scholar post, I focused entirely on the concept of Scholar in solo, trying to show its strength as a BLM/RDM Hybrid-like soloist specifically when under Dark Arts.  In this post, I will focus on the other side of Scholar, under Light Arts, which plays out completely differently - acting like a buffer or healer that  most closely mimics White Mage.

At first glance, it seems obvious that a Scholar in Light Arts / Addendum: White will most closely mimic White Mage - after all, pretty much ever spell gained in the March 2008 patch in Light Arts were former WHM unique spells (all -na spells, Reraises, Raise II).  I think, however, that it is overly simplistic to assume that just because these 2 jobs now share much of the same spell list, they should be played the same way or fill the same role.  My hope for this post is to show specifically where a Scholar fits in, how it compares to WHM (and to a lesser extent, RDM), and most importantly, gear focus choices which influence this role.

(Updated Scholar look - now with Ixion Cloak for the extra Regen tic.)

My personal experience with playing a healing or buffing job at 75 was almost non-existent prior to leveling Scholar (Black Mage was previously my only 75 job).  I held off on making a post about the Light Arts aspect of Scholar for quite awhile to learn the little tricks about this so I hope this post is up to par with the more offensively oriented posts (of which I feel much more experienced with).  My hope is to show how when geared correctly for Light Arts, Scholar becomes not only a great support job, but the ideal secondary healer currently in FFXI.

Scholar Guide (Part I)
Scholar Guide (Part II)
Scholar Guide (Part IV)
Scholar Guide (Part V)


What Scholar Lacks

Understanding how Scholar fits into the back-line support starts with comparing it to the jobs it can possibly replace.  I'll be focusing on Scholar versus just Red Mage and White Mage.  When comparing the jobs, the first and most important thing to note is Scholar does not get Haste or Refresh.  Anyone that has ever played this game past level 40 knows that Haste and Refresh make the world go around in FFXI.  Parties without some form of both, whether this be EXP or endgame pretty much fall apart outside of unorthodox strategy.

The lack of any form of Haste or Refresh will always make Scholar not the most important piece of the back line jobs.  Scholar cannot anchor the backline of any party or alliance
This is true of any back line job with cannot produce either of these buffs - that's just the way the game is.  However, this does not mean Scholar cannot play an extremely strong and ideal role in a majority of fights.  The key is to remember that having 2 back line jobs with Haste is generally the same as having 1 back line job with Haste - only 1 player has to cast it.


The Concept of "Replacing" Another Job

A very common argument I've seen on forums about Scholar is the concept of replacing other jobs like RDM and WHM.  A very flawed argument against the idea of replacement is when people say "Scholar is unique and fits into it's own role".  I honestly find this to be utter crap since you only have 6 players in a party and not bringing a Scholar gives you another job anyways.  A job's success in endgame is based on its ability to be better than other jobs competing for similar roles like DD or Tank.

As stated earlier, Scholar has a hard time replacing the "first option" in the backline since it will typically consist of someone with Haste.  As the secondary option, however, Scholar finds itself in a surprisingly (at least for me) comfortable and unique role due to its access to AoE buffs, full arsenal of -na spells including the formerly WHM-only Stona, and incredible MP efficiency.


Scholar as a Secondary Healer and Support

Before starting the rest of this long post, I'm going to lay out some pretty reasonable assumptions...

      1)  There is some form of Haste somewhere in your alliance or party.
      2)  There is some form(s) of Refresh somewhere in your party - RDM or BRD.

That's pretty much it.  After this anything goes - bunch of Black Mages in the party, balanced tank / melee, tank party, meripo style melee party, etc.  I think these are reasonable since simply having a RDM in your group covers both assumptions - which come on, RDM is one of the jobs that make this game run (BRD would be the other one).

With that, I'll start the comparison!  Hopefully I can convince you that with proper playing style and gear focus, Scholar in Light Arts can replace White Mage in a number of situations.


Focus on Enmity Reduction Gear

EDIT:  Parts of this post are slightly misleading due to information learned after it was posted.  The cap of - enmity from merits and equipment is -50; however, the post suggests a build with -60.  The ideas of the post are still valid in my opinion, but it should be noted that stacking - enmity past -50 is pointless.

Here is where I feel I personally start deviating from a "norm" build.  My Scholar focuses a tremendous amount of gear slots towards maximizing enmity reduction.  This enmity reduction gear is used for 2 main builds - Cures, and Buffs.  I will go maximum enmity reduction on Cures while a mix of Haste and enmity reduction on long cast buffs like Stoneskin.  Below is the gear I'll be using for Cures (I'm still missing the Delta Earring and the Concealing Cuffs).

MainApollo's Staff
Cure Potency +10% , +2 MND
SubStaff Strap-2 Enmity
RangedWhite Tathlum
-2 Enmity
HeadMahatma Hat
-6 Enmity , +4 MND
BodyGoliard Saio
-5 Enmity, +5% Haste, +5 Conserve  MP
HandsConcealing Cuffs
-5 Enmity
LegsMahatma Slops
-4 Enmity , +8 MND
FeetArborist Nails
-5 Enmity
BackErrant Cape
-5 Enmity
WaistPenitent's Rope
-3 Enmity , +5 MND
NeckBenign Necklace
-2 Enmity
Ear 1Novia Earring
-7 Enmity
Ear 2Delta Earring
-3 Enmity
Ring 1Tamas Ring
-3 Enmity , +5 MND
Ring 2Trooper's Ring-4 Enmity

This set comes to a total of -60 Enmity reduction with merits.  You can get up to a maximum of -71 without food I think but it starts to get pretty difficult.  I'll admit this seems incredibly overboard since there are places where I'm devoting a item slot for only -2 enmity, but I'll give 2 big reasons why this is so important.  I'm not going to show the sets for Buffs, but it's basically the same thing with more focus on Haste Gear (Stoneskin would focus a bit on capping MND as well).

Scholar is an incredibly MP efficient healer and buffer in Light Arts.  In addition, Scholar lacks the 2 major "buff spells" - Haste and Refresh, and does not have to spend MP to constantly maintain these on tanks and melee.  This allows Scholar to completely focus on AoE buffs, Status Cures, and Cures.  Because of it's MP efficiency, the limiting factor to a Scholar's play as a backline support generally is NOT MP, but enmity!  A very good Enmity build on Scholar in Light Arts directly adds to its efficiency as a support player.

In addition, there are 2 very key things to note about Scholar which I'll go over separately.

      1)  Accession grants up to 6x the amount of hate a normal buff or cure would give.

This is a huge problem on certain buffs.  The most common Accession buff is Stoneskin, which provides 300 VE.  A full 6 player Accession Stoneskin grants the Scholar 300 VE x 6 or 1800 VE... Same as Provoke, ,you can see how this gets nasty.  Other buffs like Phalanx, all -na spells, and Enspells provide 1800 VE as well.  Erase is especially bad at 480 VE a target... that can potentially be a 2880 VE cast for a 6 player erase-ga.  While Accession is an incredibly powerful Scholar ability, the hate potential it provides is extremely large and needs to be compensated for.

      2)  Scholars do not have access to Cure V or much Cure Potency Gear.

Most WHMs don't really focus on a huge enmity reduction set on their cures, which is OK in my opinion.  This has a great deal to do with the fact that WHMs have tremendous access to a good variety of cure potency gear like Rondel Earring, Nobles Tunic, etc. which would be better than stacking enmity gear.  Also, WHMs typcially use Cure V for large cures for both the insane single target cure of 800+ as well as the stable, generally low enmity it provides (static 400 CE, 700 VE).  A Scholar attempting to heal large quantities cannot access Cure V and must use Cure III or IV, which follow the Cure Formula.  This leads to significantly higher VE production... for instance, a Rapture Cure IV for 646 HP grants a whopping 470 CE / 2819 VE, while a Cure V is still the static 400 CE / 700 VE.

(You can check the effectiveness if your enmity set in Campaign.)

Prior to having extended time playing Scholar as a healer, I was not a huge fan of enmity reduction stacking.  I came to use this build more out of trial and error and just finding myself getting hate way too quickly.  Scholar in Light Arts has tremendous MP efficiency and curing power with Rapture / Accession usage.  The thing that generally held me back in these situations has been hate. 


Scholar with -60 Enmity

I have to admit this gets really fun...  Mathematically, I'm turning a 429 HP Cure IV (Soft Cap on Scholar) from 312 CE / 1872 VE to 124 CE / 748 VE; however, the analysis really gets a bit deeper than this.  Remember that VE decays at a constant rate of -60 VE per second. 

If we take the original VE of a Cure IV, it takes 31.2 seconds to fully decay the VE from that 429 HP Cure IV.  This means, unless you only limit yourself to 1 full Cure IV every 30 seconds, you are gaining net VE (very bad).  Considering a SCH/RDM can do a Cure IV including casting time about once every 6 to 7 seconds, you are holding yourself back by about 25 seconds of waiting, a considerable margin.  If we use the -60 Enmity Set, it only takes 12.5 seconds to fully decay VE, meaning you only have to average 6 extra seconds of waiting between Cure IVs if you're spamming to have no net VE gain.

Using a set like this makes your Scholar pretty "idiot-proof" as a healer and buffer.
  It's actually surprisingly hard to take hate in this set in practice, even spamming AoE -na spells and Cure IV, which is a spell most WHMs are told to avoid due to hate issues.  You can see the effectiveness of this set yourself in Campaign by just using Accession Cure IV on NPCs.


Various Roles of Scholar in Light Arts

I'm only going to touch on these for a bit because I'm sure many of these are obvious. 

      1)  350 HP AoE Stoneskin potentially every 60 seconds.

This is my personal favorite use of Accession AoE.  This is so much stronger than both BLU Diamondhide and SMN Earthen Ward, I honestly don't even find them comparable.  350 HP is usually enough for a tank to absorb a full hit from even the strong NMs, and is enough to eat most AoEs.  The amount of trouble this saves is just immense.  When paired with Phalanx-ga, it's especially useful when dealing with weak mobs such as in Salvage, Nyzul Isle, and I've even heard some success stories in Meripo.

      2)  AoE Status Cures.

Another Scholar unique.  WHM gets the same thing through Divine Veil, but it's only usable every 10 minutes, so it's really not that useful...  I personally think White Mages got the shaft on this but since I'm a Scholar that's not really my problem.  This is extremely useful on HNM fights with cripplying AoE status effects such as Flayer Tribulation, Cerberus Ululation, Hydra Nerve Gas, etc. where it is critical that the status be removed quickly.  I will usually save 1-2 charges on fights like these so I always have access to AoE status cure.

(AoE Stona - reuse this pic alot because I think it's pretty cool.)

      3)  AoE -25 or -26 HP Phalanx.

First of all, make sure you equip your Scholar's Pants when you use these for an extra -2 HP on your Phalanx.  You can get an extra -1 if you throw in a combination of Enhancing Torque + Merciful Cape or Augmenting Earring.  This is mostly useful when fighting weak mobs and allows you to worry less when you're covering multiple members.  Again, ideal situations for this would be things like Salvage, Nyzul Isle, and meripo possibly.  It should be noted that a full 5 merit Phalanx II from a good Enhancing Magic RDM will still barely beat out your Phalanx; but the MP cost of Phalanx is a lot higher.

      4)  AoE Enspells.

This one is similar to Phalanx - most useful when dealing with weaker mobs.  I personally do not find this too useful in normal situations, but it absolutely kills in Salvage and Nyzul.  I find it more of a niche use rather than an everyday use move like the other 3 previously mentioned.

      5)  AoE Cure outside Party.

This is pretty useful in that it allows your Scholar to support parties you aren't currently in.  For instance, in Einherjar, I can primary heal melee groups not in the same party as me.  Again, it's critical that you use an enmity down set if you're going to do this effectively since AoE Cures can produce massive hate issues.  Scholar MP efficiency really shines in this, as often times, you are more than capable of supporting your own party most of the time, so it allows you to quickly support other parties as well.

(The potential hate spike you can generate on SCH is massive - I don't think -60 enmity will save you in this case).

Remember when using pretty much ANYTHING mentioned above, you are producing pretty high amounts of VE since it is always multiplied by the number of targets hit.  These Scholar AoE buffs are extremely powerful but need to be supplemented with enmity gear to reduce the hate spike they generate..



It is important to first realize where Scholar best fits in the party.  Remember that Scholar does not have access to Haste - the magical spell that makes FFXI playable by like 2/3rds of the jobs in this game.  Scholar also has no ally refresh (but is not reliant on it due to Sublimation).  Because of this, Scholar cannot anchor the backline of parties in the vast majority of situations at 75; it does, however, team up very well with WHM or RDM, which can provide Haste, due to incredibly high MP efficiency and unique AoE buffs - in essence, the ideal "second choice" in healing.

The focus of this post is to outline the reasoning behind choosing this "secondary support" role as Scholar's most useful role (which dictates playstyle).  In addition, I wanted to emphasize the importance of stacking - enmity gear when playing Scholar in Light Arts.  Here is a summary of why this is so important...

      1)  AoE Buffs produce massive VE due to the fact the VE generated is dependent on targets hit.
      2)  Scholar must use Cure IV (-ga) to heal large quantities quickly, which produces nasty hate spikes.
      3)  Scholar doesn't have amazing gear choice like RDM or WHM right now anyways.

I want to just re-emphasize the "idiot-proof" nature of this type of enmity build if you manage to stack enough (in the -50s or higher).  I personally have a hard time pulling hate due to cool down times when using this.  I spam Cure IV extremely often in pretty much the exact opposite fashion any normal White Mage would. 

Scholar is a job built on speed casting, MP efficiency, and AoEs.  This leads to a lot of actions being performed constantly, sometimes on many players at once.  High amounts of enmity reduction ensure your safety when doing this and allows you to not limit the number of actions you can perform due to hate.  This allows Scholar to truly take advantage of it's unique AoE abilities, fast casting speed, and high MP efficiency.


Pic of the Day

Random assortment of pics again!

Wulgaru fight - Tier II Zeni NM.  Pretty annoying fight but the end is hilarious when it loses his body.


Super old ASCII Art that our original leader used to spam back in the day.


Uh... we need help in Campaign.  I'm actualy surprised this NPC lasted for like 5 minutes like this.


Awesome PLD tanking Nidhogg... Server transfer.  Yes he's dualing weilding Hauteclaire and Joy-toy while tanking Nidhogg...  That's also a Knightly Mantle...


Drama Thread of the Day

Couple of Drama threads this time!

Stolen Ninturta Sash
This one is still unfolding as we speak.  I hope he gets it back since I actually know the LS this is happening to.  It is likely that this drama has produced +1 extra sash though since the original will probably get rolled back.

ATNM Test... What?
If you've been keeping up with Pandemonium Warden you already know about this.  If not, well this "little" mistake by SE caused a patch.

Guy Accidently Outs Himself as an FFXIAPP User
... then tries to hide it by removing the screenshot of his desktop.  Luckily someone reposts it!

Dorje Drama?!?
How does an item that has never even been seen cause forum drama?

Old School Cait Sith Drama...

Just a final note!  I'll be on vacation for the next 3ish weeks so I may be slow with replies etc.  I may sneak another quick post in if there's some downtime on the airport etc.  Also, just be safe with your accounts!




( 27 comments — Leave a comment )
Jul. 11th, 2008 12:27 pm (UTC)
Another great scholar post, your posts have inspired me to level sch and I would like to thank you for that.

Also, I was wondering how you manage all your macros? There is really so much I would like to macro in but I just can't find the space even with the tricks you mentioned back in Sch's guide I+II

Enjoy your vacation!
Jul. 12th, 2008 07:57 am (UTC)
Re: awsome
I'll probably have to go over this in another post. Basically it involves a lot of macro book switching in your macros. The thing is the way and spells SCH uses in Light and Dark Arts are so different - it really doesn't make too much sense to keep the same spells in your palette at all times in either arts.

I think Macros is the key to really playing SCH well in practice, so it'l definitely be something I'll go over. The first few posts were really more about play style and what SCH can potentially do.
Jul. 11th, 2008 02:05 pm (UTC)
oh ho ho ho
Great post as usual Kaeko.

Just an observation I've made from lving SCH as a healer (which i've done a lot lately).

The other day I joined a merit party as lv. 65 sch (my buddy set it up, /anon ftw), and was able to effectively main heal with no tank for 5 hours, as long as there was someone to manage the links. With a brd, essentially I could heal without having to rest, just from casting AoE Enblizzard and AoE Regen II. I wanted to point out the power of having aoe en-spells in merit parties, as the cumulative dmg from each melee gives around 50-60 dmg per round of hits (low-balling dmg) easily, which is around the same as adding another DD to the group, without adding extra TP or extra members. It's totally worth it in a merit situation to keep up. It's not my idea, but I thought it would be worth mentioning.
Jul. 12th, 2008 08:01 am (UTC)
Re: oh ho ho ho
My friend told me you can just Enspell > Phalanx then focus on light cures of Stoneskin-ga. If you fight weak stuff for 75 meripo, the Phalanx will block enough damage to the point where you can easily cure or block with skin - then the melees can all sub non-/NIN subs. You can up the damage really fast with MNK/WARs in your party assuming a SCH can handle the lack of melee defense.

Merit parties are pretty fickle though. You would probably have a hard time convincing a random party to take a SCH. I'd be interested in seeing a parse on this though.
Jul. 11th, 2008 05:02 pm (UTC)
I agree with Oneraith, I had a friend come Sch to a meripo once and was throwing out en- spells and stoneskins. Particularly since we had a bunch of Thf/Nin's, me on Blu/Nin(Refueling ftw), and double March the en- damage was substantial. I had to turn on all damage filters cause even my own hit+en messages were making it impossible to track anything >_>

Awesome job as always, dood. Good to know my +enmity merits from paladin will finally screw me over when I level this ^_^ (2 more Thf levels and Im unlocking it!)

-Lokyar of Fenrir
Jul. 12th, 2008 06:44 pm (UTC)
Stone Gorget! 380 SS for all? :)
Jul. 12th, 2008 09:39 pm (UTC)
It only adds +30 to the wearer :(

If someone that receives stoneskinga from a SCH uses gorget, they'll get the +30 though.
Jul. 14th, 2008 02:06 am (UTC)
On burn parties
I don't think SCH quite shines for burning until after 68, when /rdm gets Stoneskin. I've been able to jump in and out with a static that is NIN-SAM-THF-DNC-pickup-pickup. Often that pickup is NOT a RDM or WHM, but our NIN seems to like getting the Stoneskin over haste. It's worked out quite well, I get stretches of boredem where all I need is that stoneskinga and a cure for the NIN.

The DNC conflicting with en-spells might also have something to do with me not being as potent. >.>
Jul. 14th, 2008 05:21 pm (UTC)
Re: On burn parties
DNC en spells are always overwritten my mage En-spells, I discovered this while lving rdm sub. I had to cancel my en-spell if i wanted drain.
Jul. 15th, 2008 12:15 pm (UTC)
Re: On burn parties
If I had to get the ideal "test party" to make SCH look good in merit, it would involve a group with melees that sub'd something not /NIN for more attack-based subs. SCH Stoneskin/Phalanx can offset the lack of defense in this case. Things that hit often and can take advantage of enspells would be good too. Also, something like a RNG PT which requires no haste would be nice too.

It also is pretty useless without Stoneskin and Phalanx in my opinion. Those 2 moves are quite key as far as Accession usage.

I may try writing something up about SCH in merit but I really really hate meriting in parties. A PT with a bunch of MNK/WARs would be cool to see with a SCH though.
Jul. 14th, 2008 06:32 am (UTC)
Kujo~ Garuda
Great SCH post as always. If you don't mind answer a few questions.

What is your Helix and Nuke setup for your current set up? Id like to compare to mine.
Also what would you change if you didn't have 8 elemental merits. ( I can't do 8 b/c I have 8 Wind and 8 Singing for G horn.

Jul. 15th, 2008 12:12 pm (UTC)
Re: Kujo~ Garuda
Staff Strap
White Tathlum
Mahatma Hat
Prudence Torque / Ugg Pendant
Novio Earring
Moldavite Earring
Mahatma Hpl.
Vicious Mufflers
Tamas Ring
Snow Ring
Prism Cape
Penitent's Rope
Mahatma Slops
Yigit Crackows

My helix setup used to be stronger but I started de-emphasizing it due to its lack of real use. There are very few situations where using Helix out-benefits simply using a tier IV nuke.

For your situation, simply switch Errant Body for AF1. You get +15 elemental skill this way and it'll basically offset the -16 merits. You will suck for nuking at resistant mobs, but I wouldn't call my SCH good at nuking that stuff either. I'm almost always in Light Arts on big fights anyways, so I doubt you'll feel it.
Jul. 14th, 2008 08:06 am (UTC)
why hasn't scholar caught on?
I've heard so many people comment about how over-powered sch is or how it's such a great job: and yet it's still a highly unpopulated job. at most I've seen only 50 sch on siren (1-75) and never more then 15 are lv75 in fact right now (JP prime is just starting) and it's only 24 sch and only 3 are even 75. By comparisson there is 158 blms and 84 are lv75.

Despite sch's amazing potential alot of people just don't seem to be interested in making use of it.

Why do you think that is?
Jul. 14th, 2008 05:26 pm (UTC)
Re: why hasn't scholar caught on?
I think a lot of it stems from the fact that a lot of people just don't understand how the job works. I've had to explain several time to various LS members (including several career mages) on what a SCH can and can't do, the benefits and limitations... Personally I feel that SCH plays drastically differently then any other mage job in the game, you need to think a lot more, and because they're so many options available it's not as simple, cast spell X in situation Y. And I'm not even 75 yet. It's still relatively early too, I think overall a lot of the newer jobs (BLU, COR, DNC) have overall smaller numebrs compared to the base jobs (original 6)
Jul. 15th, 2008 12:07 pm (UTC)
Re: why hasn't scholar caught on?
I think the biggest reason is actually just how difficult it is to play. When I started Scholar, I was frankly pretty useless due to the amount of fumbling around I had to do to use anything. The learning curve and amount of macro work it takes to play a "playable" scholar is a bit higher in my opinion. Because of this, you will see a lot of scholars that aren't really being that useful.

The key to this post was the stacking of - enmity gear in order to offset the high amounts of enmity gained when constantly using actions and AoEs. This set becomes almost meaningless if you do not play at a high enough speed to make it useful, since you're mainly trying to reduce VE, which decays over time. At the start, I really had no need for the enmity set since I played so slowly. As I began to perfect macro positions and playstyle, I started being able to spam actions much quicker, then finally noticed the high hate potential the job has when played at an extremely fast pace.

Overall, I'd say SCH is a pretty useless job UNLESS it is played by someone that knows enough about all or most facets of mage jobs. You don't nuke as hard as a BLM; supposedly you nuke more efficiently but you have to learn to use abilities correctly first. Light Arts can be difficult to use since it involves a great deal of spacing coordination, charge use, and hate management. The MP efficiency is so great, but you just have to learn to play at a fast enough speed to make it all worthwhile in my opinion.

Also: new jobs rarely catch on. COR is very useful in many things like ganks but you rarely see those used. PUP is also extremely cheesy when used right, but you almost never see that, especially endgame.
Jul. 15th, 2008 07:27 pm (UTC)
Re: why hasn't scholar caught on?
I agree 100% it's sad cause most BLM keep saying how SCH should never have gotten Tier IV, but they obviously don't know that PUP has already had it... And as for WHM Cure V, PUP has that too. I think that PUP is harder than SCH, but is a bit more limited due to puppets instead of job abilities.
Jul. 15th, 2008 10:34 pm (UTC)
Re: why hasn't scholar caught on?
Any job that has to rely on mob AI (like BST, SMN, or PUP) has issues as the speed of the fight/game picks up. I always found the AI for pets to be a bit slow (for instance, taking bad routes, etc) and it really hurts when you're doing things that require speed and timing.

That's not to say PUP isn't useful, but in endgame, where things get very fast and sometimes complex, moving a pet around is pretty annoying. For instance, SMNs have a hard time even directing the pet to Ixion's back for full BPs.
Jul. 16th, 2008 01:35 am (UTC)
Re: why hasn't scholar caught on?
once again I agree, I was just showing an example of how uneducated some are. Honestly I still can't believe ppl can say "lolpup" when they don't even know what the job can do. Again I'm a big fan of endgame so I will never lvl pup to 75 (most likely) because of the facts you stated and the lolAI. Even this as an obstacle cannot overshadow PUP's "Seemingly" endless mp pool. Again that's just my opinion.
Jul. 16th, 2008 09:59 pm (UTC)
Kuj~ Garuda
Ah, my current gear set up for nuking is:

Wep: Hq Staff/ Ele Grip
Ammo: Taru Item (+2int)
Head: Elite Beret +1
Body: AF
Neck: Ele T
Ears: Loq (lol) and Moldy
Hands: Goliard
Legs: Jet Seraweels
Rings: Omeg and Tamas
Feet: Goliard
Waist: Penitent's rope
Back: Sea Cape

Seems like I get good nukes off, just looking to improve in some places since I can't merit ele magic~

Jul. 19th, 2008 12:07 pm (UTC)
Stoneskin cap
Very interesting, very interesting indeed.
You've helped me immensely (spelling) with this guide. I was worried over what my main healing set would look like at 75. Beacuse my only 75 job is a blm (sch and smn close) I've never main healed before or even thought about what a main healing set would be.

However the question I have is this: What are the requirements for stoneskin to cap at 350? I mean, for instance, Smn stoneskin cap is at 300 summing skill I believe. And my blm friend tells me to get a 100 mind on blm to cap my stoneskin at 250. So what is neccessary to bring it up to 350 on sch. Perhaps higher enhancing magic?.
Jul. 20th, 2008 03:01 am (UTC)
Re: Stoneskin cap
I would look up the formula on Wiki for this. It's based on a combination of Enhancing Skill and MND. I don't want to tell you to hit certain MND because it will depend on your skill as well. BLM is typically 114 MND to cap at 350 though.

Stone Gorget is the exception to this (lvl50 promy item). It just adds +30 HP to your skin and can go over the cap (for instance, I use this so my skin is cap 350+30=380).
Jul. 22nd, 2008 08:29 am (UTC)
weather and aga's
does sandstorm increase the 350cap of stoneskin? and if so, does each party member need to be sandstormed, or just the scholar?

the same can be said with enthunder. if thunderstorm increases enthunder damage, does each party member need to be thunderstormed, or just the scholar?

is this even worth doing? lol

great guide btw!
Jul. 22nd, 2008 09:47 am (UTC)
Re: weather and aga's
Weather doesn't affect Stoneskin so no that wouldn't do anything.

Enthunder would work if you cast it on the player attacking. If you Enspell yourself then gave it to melees, it won't do anything. The weather effect has to be on the person attacking.

I don't really think it's worth doing.
Jul. 30th, 2008 12:06 am (UTC)
SCH in Enmity- gear for nuking?
I haven't gotten to go back and look through your old BLM entries again yet, but with what you've learned researching how Enmity works what do you think of piling on Enmity- so you can go a little nuke crazy (either as SCH or BLM) on HNMs?
Nov. 17th, 2008 07:01 am (UTC)
As a scholar, seeing our mythic weapon let my hopes down a lot. It is almost exactly the same stat-wise as the black mage staff. Its weapon skill is neither powerful nor as useful as blm (magic defense down for blm / magic attack down for sch). Where the mythic seem to shine are the augmenting abilities, as we have seen for the tests of drg and whm. However, while black mage gets enhances elemental seal... scholar gets enmity -20.

At first I thought it was a pretty crappy stat; however, reading your guide gave me a little hope. What is your take on the scholar mythic. Is it just me or is it a little underpowered compared to the other mages.
Feb. 1st, 2009 08:36 am (UTC)
Concealing Cuffs
Hello! And great guide~ I plan on using a lot of your advice in my now 73(3.3k tnl!) SCH. I was just curious on the stats of the Concealing Cuffs NM. I checked Wiki, and there is very little info, none of my friends know anything about it. I was wondering if perhaps he's soloable or duoable. Any information would be great, and thanks again!
Mar. 10th, 2011 06:04 pm (UTC)
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