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Enmity Testing (Part IX)


This enmity post will be the last.  Though there are still many unknowns, my time in FFXI has past and I have happily moved on, but I feel somewhat obligated to still show as many of my enmity findings as possible.  I will not be going over the in dept testing methods like I have before - these are just findings I can vouch for having tested them myself - I just don't feel compelled to write long, technical directions this time.

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Enmity Table


* - Enmity from gear and merits (add the 2 together) caps at -50.

* + Enmity from gear and merits (add the 2 together) caps at +100.  Note that if you hear anyone tell you I tested  the cap to be +50, they are likely just seeing the -50 number (which I found first) and assuming it to be true the other way.  This is a common piece of mis-information on various PLD forums.  I have only run one +enmity cap test in addition to another person on BG doing the same and we reached the same conclusion - THE CAP IS 100.

* Sentinel automatically places you at +100 Enmity; having more + Enmity gear still results in +100.

* CHR does not affect anything related to enmity, hate list, etc.

* Nothing known in game affects the -60 VE/sec decay rate

* Burtgang "enmity reduced when taking damage" is -10% CE loss - still using the damage taken formula

* Enmity changes due to ABILITIES (like SCH Tranquility or DRK Muted Soul) functions differently. You do NOT add it together with the enmity from gear and merits. For instance, maxed Tranquility is -50 enmity. If you have -50 enmity from gear as well, the calculation is 0.5 x 0.5 = 0.25, or 1/4th the original enmity (equivalent -75 enmity). Basically, add them together individually then multiply to find the true enmity change. 
If considering enmity changes from an ability or trait, do NOT pool it with gear and merits.  This includes...

      -  Stealth Shot
      -  SCH Merit Stratagems like Tranquility
      -  Muted Soul
      -  etc.

These abilities are really all - enmity traits or functions.  You CAN get below -50% enmity by obtaining -50 enmity from gear and merits then compounding it with traits such as this.  The true cap if including this is -75% enmity (-50 from gear, -50 from abilities and traits).  The only + enmity ability/trait I know of is Flashy Shot (I do not count Sentinel as it gives you a STATUS); I do not know how this works and make no claims as to how it works since I was unable to personally test it.

* Spikes damage does not give you added CE/VE (ex. Blazed Spikes, Gallant Roll, Reprisal)

* There is an Atonement formula that links CE/VE to damage (as well as for different TP values). This is well tested on Studio Gibli. I suggest anyone interested in Atonement to find this. There is a formula on BG that I flushed out - do NOT use it. It is not completely accurate and the testing was flawed.

* There are actually THREE ways to lower your CE value without completely reseting it - 1) taking damage (follow formula on site), 2) losing an Utsusemi Shadow (-25CE), 3) (lesser known) getting hit with an enfeebling magic spell such as Blind, Bindga, or Sleep. The spell does not have to land successfully. Being hit by a spell such as Firaga or Bio that actually deals damage does not follow this rule. All enfeebles result in -80 CE each regardless of type, land rate, etc. If you have Utsu on and get hit with Sleep I, you lose -105 CE.

* Utsusemi Shadow loss result in -25 CE. Blink or Zephr Mantle Shadows do not.

* Certain mobs reset your hate list, but do not reset your CE/VE values. An example of this is Sarameya T4 ZNM - it howls twice, reseting everyone from the hate list, but the instant you touch it again, your CE/VE values are retained. Each individual mob may vary on mechanics, but the point is to say these oddities do occur or are implemented. Petrify status or Antica "Sand Trap" are other good examples of this, though the specifics of them I do not understand.

* Certain spells or abilities generate damage, but don't follow the damage formula (shield bash, bio, etc.). Cure V also does not follow the curing formulas.  There are 2 very special exceptions for the Relic Weapon Skills "Coronach" and "Namas Arrow", which are FIXED HATE WSs.  Namas Arrow always generates 180 CE / 480 VE regardless of how much damage it does as long as it does not miss (in which case it grants 0 CE/VE).  Coronach was not as thoroughly tested, however, it is either the same or even less than Namas Arrow.

* Certain mobs and their pets have "Shared Hate".  I was unable to start any testing on how this exactly works, however, knowledge of this system may prove extremely useful as many of the most difficult mobs in the game work on a Shared Hate system, such as PW.

* The "CE/VE Enmity Reset" (most call this a full hate reset") is caused by only 1 situation - the mob must attempt to target you and find you unavailable (this can be for many reasons such as K.O. status, logging off, zoning, Goblin Footprint, etc.).  This also means that the mob must first attempt to hit you, however, so simply dying or zoning does nothing but give you the "hate list" reset, not the "CE/VE value" reset.  In some situations involving slept mobs or linked hate, it will not even grant you the "hate list" reset.



I would also like to point out that I have given oldWiki (FFXIclopedia) permission to transfer any/all work on this LJ, paraphrased or copied.  I cannot verify the accuracy of such a site though, since it is freely editable by anyone with a wiki account.   Basically, if it is not written somewhere on this LJ or on BG by me, I cannot vouch for its accuracy so make of it what you will.  I strongly suggest still going here for basic research.  I do know some players in the JP community on Studio Gibli have a strong enough understanding of the mechanics to test themselves, so that would be a good place for updates (ex. Atonement).  I do not know of any real NA groups that are dedicated to this sort of testing; however, there are certain posters on BG I would feel very confident in dessecting things like this.

For JP users, I suggest going to Knight's Star Wiki or Studio Gibli.

Thank you to everyone that has contributed to this over the last 2 years, as well as those who have kept up with it or used it.  It's rare to sort of blindly wander into something that happens to actually be useful, so I'm glad to see the enmity testing as been given such high regard.  Please remember, though, this is technically a 'model' based on experimentation, game data (sometimes involved Windower for things such as Distance), and reverse engineering and I make no statements about how SE actually implemented the hate system.  This is only meant to predict the actions of mobs in their game, not tell you "this is  how SE programmed it". 

Also, as a final disclaimer, I'm pretty certain that reverse engineering something like this is considered against the ToS so this entire testing is technically 'cheating' via ToS - though I don't think applying the model I've derived from it is and certain isn't enough to get you in trouble obviously.  So the act of testing is against the ToS via "Reverse Engineering" rules, but simply knowing the data probably isn't.


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