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17 June 1986
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A little background about this blog:

I started "Kanican" in November of 2006 on sort of a whim, and from there it gotten quite popular over the years. I typically try to focus more on factual content as well as endgame strategy here - I do throw in opinions like any other blogger would; however, I attempt to cater to the reader as much as possible. Unfortunately, I do not post nearly as often as I used to, nor do I play as much FFXI nowadays. I still do try to post at least once a month though.

The name of the blog comes from my LS, "TeamKANICAN", an JP/NA mix HNM LS on Odin Server. The LS was created early 2004. I became a member around Fall 2004 and have been one ever since. I originally set out to make this blog more of a "LS Oriented" blogger to talk about our various in game accomplishments; however, as time went on, it ended up becoming more about myself. Nowadays, my main character's name "Kaeko" is probably viewed as synonymous with "Kanican"; however, I should point out that I do not lead TeamKANICAN in any way, and that there is an actual character named "Kanican" on Odin who is not me (but does belong to our LS).

What happened to "Kaeko"?

My main character in FFXI used to be "Kaeko", a Tarutaru BLM/SCH on Odin Server. In January of 2009, my account was permanently banned, or "LM-17'd", in the well known Salvage Dupe bannings. On various forums, etc. I still go by this name or the blog name "Kanican"; however, I now play on both my brother's old account (who's quit) on Odin as well as an undisclosed character on a different server. If you would like to read more into the ban situation and my thoughts, you can try this post here:


Do you still update Enmity Testing? Are there other sources for this information?

I realize that probably the majority of readers here view the site for the Enmity Tables and Testing, so I always try to keep the tables up to date (for instance on patch days especially when new abilities come out). At this moment, everything is as up to date as it has ever been. There are still numerous holes in the tables, however.

There are numerous other FFXI sites and bloggers which have either translated or copied much of the tables and information first posted here. I should warn you that I have made numerous ninja edits to the tables as time has gone by, including a number of direct corrections, so the values on other sites may not be entirely accurate. This site is the only place I update personally other than the "Enmity Testing" thread on BG forums. If looking for the most accurate raw data and values, I highly suggest going here over other sites.

What is the best way to reach you privately?

I most prefer PMs via BlueGartr (BG) forums (http://bluegartrls.com/forum/) under the name "Kaeko", so you are most likely to get a fast response if you ask there. If I do not respond to your PMs, please resend them. I try not to leave PMs unanswered, so if I miss you, I assure you it is not because I am somehow trying to avoid you. You can send PMs via LiveJournal, but I rarely check these. I may not respond in a timely manner to LJ PMs.

Thank you for reading this blog and I hope you find it both informative and entertaining!

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